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  1. Summer campaign’s first week’s total: 165 animals treated in Galapagos!

    Tod Emko, President, Darwin Animal Doctors

    5-25-12bWe kicked off our summer campaign with a bang. One hundred sixty-five animals treated in one week!

    Two different veterinary schools, St. George’s University Vet School and the University of Florida Vet School, and interns from came to Galapagos and saved animals on Santa Cruz Island and Isabela Island. Under the surgical guidance of Dr. Valerie Scharf, the UFL team sterilized 45 animals and treated 53 additional animals for parasites and emergency issues on Santa Cruz Island. On Isabela Island, the SGU team treated 67 horses and dogs that needed emergency care. Both teams spent time educating owners on animal care, and the SGU team taught horse farm owners how to prevent common problems plaguing horses on Isabela that work on the harsh Galapagos lava rocks.

    Even as I write this, the SGU team is tirelessly working to treat even more animals, testing them for invasive diseases, and saving lives that would not have had any help if veterinary volunteers did not come to Galapagos. If you’ve made the decision to help us save even more animals, but aren’t sure how to help, then there’s a way you can help while cleaning your own house! If you have items you want to get out of your house, you can sell them on ebay and simultaneously help DAD. Go to this link to find out how to get rid of your surplus items and help DAD save lives:  http://donations.ebay.com/charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=54002

    Thank you for all your dedication to helping this important ecosystem. We, the community, the animals, and our volunteers thank you all for the opportunity to help this World Heritage Site.

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  2. Day Five of Our May Campaign!

    5-27-12bWe are in the midst of an unprecedented campaign to reach more animals on Galapagos than ever. Thank you for making it possible through your support!

    Our summer campaign is still in its first week! But already in less than one week we’ve reached animals far and wide on Galapagos.

    We treated over 20 animals and performed 12 spay/neuters in our Santa Cruz Island clinic on Saturday! It’s amazing to see so many owners who want their animals to be well taken care of, and whom understand the importance of sterilizing their animals in this precious ecosystem. Our Santa Cruz team made up of University of Florida vet students also did invasive disease testing and gave treatments to the dogs who tested positive for bacterial infections.

    And our grand total of horses treated on Isabela Island is 67! Our veterinary team on Isabela also treated five more dogs. They taught the horse owners how to prevent further injuries and chronic health problems in their horses. The response has been unbelievable. So many farm owners have been so eager to learn how to take good care of their working horses!

    We have one more day on Santa Cruz, and then next week begins the spay/neuter campaign on San Cristobal Island, the capital city island of Galapagos.

    Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible with your support. There’s a lot more work to do this summer! If you’d like to help keep making this possible, you can always donate to our campaigns here: http://darwinanimaldoctors.org/how-to-help/donate/

    We’ll keep you updated on all our activities and we thank you for your generous support that saves lives in one of the most important places on the planet!

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  3. Vote for DAD to help us fund our biggest campaign to date!

    Help us save the Galapagos by voting for us on Sunsuper Dreams!  It will cost you nothing and DAD may get $5,000!

    Sunsuper Dreams is a site where you can vote for a cause to win $5,000 for that month.  All you need to vote is an email address, you won’t get spammed by the contest site, and you’ll help us save a critical UN World Heritage Site.  Click below to vote; we have less than a week left to win!


    We’re three days into our biggest campaign ever. We’ve treated over 50 horses so far on the biggest island of Galapagos, we’ve treated over 60 cats and dogs so far at our Santa Cruz Island clinic, and we’ve tested 26 animals so far for invasive disease.  Our volunteers from St. George’s University Veterinary School and the University of Florida Veterinary School have been doing an absolutely amazing job, tirelessly sterilizing and saving animals day and night.  Clients have started to line up with injured animals before 7:30am, and we’ve already completely filled up the schedule for the next three days. And in just over a week, the University of Pennsylvania vet students come to our clinic to continue this work.

    It’s quite a sight, especially to see so many people who want their animals healthy and happy.  But it’s also expensive.  If we won the Sunsuper Dreams contest this month, $5,000 could go such a long way to paying back the expenses of this campaign.  If you want to save countless lives in one of the most important places on earth, give us a vote, share on your Facebook page, email your friends to vote, and re-post as much as you can!

    Thank you for your continued support in helping us save this archipelago!

    5-25-12Some of the many dogs our volunteers treated today at our Santa Cruz Island clinic.


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  4. A Big April for DAD in the US and in Galapagos!

    Tod Emko, President, Darwin Animal Doctors

    Thanks to an amazing group of volunteers, brave commuters, generous product donors, and the unofficial vegan community center of MooShoes in Manhattan, DAD had an amazing April!  We had our Earth Day fundraiser, and started serving animals in an important way in Galapagos.

    A huge thanks to our volunteers and patrons who braved the hard rain, the flood warnings, and the rerouted trains, to bring as well as purchase the bake sale goods! Verite Catering and Terri restaurant gave us delicious, delicious treats.  And a huge, huge thanks to our generous raffle prize donors! Thanks to Lush Cosmetics for giving us an amazing gift basket raffle prize that customers drooled over.  Thanks to Vaute Couture for giving us a special animal friends shirt raffle prize that people were willing to fight over.  And of course, thanks again to MooShoes for giving us their store space, their Sunday, and a $50 gift card raffle prize that people divided after the drawing.  With everyone’s help, we raised $976 for DAD!

    While the fundraiser was going on, developments in Galapagos were happening which will hopefully ensure the sustainability of the islands.

    In 2008, Sea Shepherd Galapagos, in cooperation with the Ecuadorian National Police, set up the – to date – only police dog unit in Latin America that is focusing on the detecting of illegal wildlife smuggling. Sea Shepherd has been paying all expenses for six police dogs that form this unit, and is now asking DAD to assist them in this project by providing the National Police with veterinary care and medicine.

    DAD began providing these the day of the fundraiser. So the funds raised at MooShoes on Earth Day immediately started going to helping the Galapagos!

    If anyone wanted to but couldn’t be in NYC for the fundraiser, due to the weather or from being too far away, remember you can always contribute at our website, or you can contribute at no cost to yourself by installing the GoodSearch toolbar. Install the GoodSearch toolbar into your web browser, set Darwin Animal Doctors as your beneficiary, and every time you do an internet search through it, or you shop at a GoodSearch affiliated site like Amazon.com, a corporate donation is automatically made to DAD!

    A huge thank you to everyone this past April!  May is looking even more exciting, as it will see the start of our major summer campaigns!

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