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Saving animals. Protecting biodiversity.

Darwin Animal Doctors provides comprehensive veterinary care for the animals of the Galapagos Islands. We’re committed to saving animals, and the Galapagos. 

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We are passionate about protecting animals

Darwin Animal Doctors has brought veterinary care to islands where there were no vets – but there were plenty of animals in need of care. Our clinics are groundbreaking – we’re providing free, top notch veterinary care to the animals who need it most, 365 days a year.

We help domestic animals and wildlife. One of the primary services we provide is free spaying and neutering. This minimizes domestic animal and wildlife interactions, which can spread invasive diseases between them.

We protect the biodiversity of these exquisite islands that have animals found nowhere else on the planet.

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Our goals are practicable and achievable:

  • To have free veterinary care available to all animals of Galapagos
  • To protect the biodiversity and the environment of the Galapagos by humanely limiting the number of domestic animals and their impacts on wildlife through sterilization.
  • Preserve the richness of life in the Galapagos for future generations through action and education.

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