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Archive: Feb 2020

  1. Tanzanian Rangers!!!

    This week, we’re introducing our latest exciting partnership with the community rangers of the Rafiki Wildlife Foundation, in Tanzania.

    The community rangers of the Rafiki Wildlife Foundation

    Our goal together is to collaborate to protect the Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA) that they patrol: http://twma.co.tz/wmas/burunge-juhibu.html

    And the animals that inhabit that area:Some animals of the Burunge Wildlife Management Area

    The Babati District is rich in wildlife and home to some magnificent elephants, as well as the population of buffalo.

    Rafiki’s current website still in development but you can see the amazing work they’re doing: https://www.rafikiwildlifefoundations.org/ .

    If you want to support these community rangers, you can give here, and we can build their capacity to be able to patrol the WMA together with us: https://darwinanimal.bsd.net/page/contribute/donate-today

    We look forward to being able to share news and developments from Tanzania with you all!!


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


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  2. UN Education and Academia Stakeholder Group

    Exciting news this week! We are now full constituent members of the UN Stakeholder Group for Education and Academia!

    We want to say what an honor this is. We’ve become members because we want to address the world’s problems through education, as we feel it is the best way to arm children and communities to rise up out of poverty, create a sustainable future, and create sustainable alternatives to environmental destruction.

    Piggy will once again be joining other UN members in a discussion on how to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

    Education is our primary focus, and Piggy, our three legged dog and inspiration for our education program, is still being taught in our curriculum throughout Indonesia:

    Our Youth Rangers program continues to inspire in the rainforests of Asia, and it will soon be spreading to Africa this year:

    Another enormous thank you to all of our supporters for making all of this possible!


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

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  3. Piggy’s sun bear champions!

    We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this week by showing our love for sun bears!

    Thanks to the generosity of IFAW, our Indonesian collaboration with local friends ISCP has now expanded to help save sun bears! This little cub was rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, and ISCP is working to ensure his future through rehabilitation!

    Our friend Rudi, ISCP representative, with a rescued sun bear

    ISCP is working with the Indonesian wildlife authority, the BKSDA, to help more species of wildlife, as our collaborative rescue range increases, giving us access to more animals threatened by the illegal wildlife trade and palm oil fires. ISCP is contributing a lot of resources, working with the BSKDA to rehabilitate our little sun bear cub.

    ISCP donating supplies to the BSKDA for the rescued sun bear

    As always, education is the key to our expansion. Our local partner’s commitments to community education and wildlife training are helping to increase all local stakeholders’ capacity to handle the rescue demand!

    ISCP giving training materials to the BKSDA in rehabilitating the sun bear cub

    Another enormous thank you to IFAW, and an equally as big thank you to all of our supporters for making it possible to help all our friends like ISCP and BKSDA save the animals and the rainforest!

    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

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    Piggy in a scarf enjoying his favorite activity, a car ridew

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  4. Ismael’s shelter in Tanzania

    February is here! And we’re showing our love for this month by showcasing one of our newest local partners, and the gorgeous animals in Tanzania. Our friend Ismael’s animal shelter in Arusha is the very first animal shelter in mainland Tanzania!

    Ismael and one of his rescue puppies
    We have been working with Ismael for years now, watching his program grow and inspire the youth of the region.

    Ismael's shelter, and some of his volunteers
    We can’t wait to help Ismael and our local Arusha teacher friends in making dogs and animal protection  as much of a part of the Arusha community as it is becoming everywhere we operate.

    One of Ismael's adorable puppies clinging to his leg

    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

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    Piggy snoozing on a Love pillow

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