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  1. May Monthly Report!!!

    May was a big month for our first Galapagos patient Simon! He got to do his first comic event while Piggy was away doing other fundraisers!! Simon had the duty of going to Free Comic Book Day at Carmine Street Comics, and he LOVED every second of it!!! If it were up to him cats would just live in comic stores, but unfortunately for him he had work to do, so it was outside for a time to promote his special comic cover and socialize with the public, including other dogs! Overall he had a blast and is requesting to appear at all other comic events!

    IMG_6668 IMG_6678(1) IMG_6681 IMG_6683 IMG_6688


    In the clinic we treated over 150 cats and dogs! Parasite treatment was once again the main type of treatment, but we also had 30 gereral check ups! A big shout out to our clinic volunteers: Maria Moreno, Catherine Lorenz, Jennifer Chen, Damaris Scotland, Simone Penaherrera and Danna Penaherrera!! To read our full May report click here!

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