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Summer campaign’s first week’s total: 165 animals treated in Galapagos!

Tod Emko, President, Darwin Animal Doctors

5-25-12bWe kicked off our summer campaign with a bang. One hundred sixty-five animals treated in one week!

Two different veterinary schools, St. George’s University Vet School and the University of Florida Vet School, and interns from came to Galapagos and saved animals on Santa Cruz Island and Isabela Island. Under the surgical guidance of Dr. Valerie Scharf, the UFL team sterilized 45 animals and treated 53 additional animals for parasites and emergency issues on Santa Cruz Island. On Isabela Island, the SGU team treated 67 horses and dogs that needed emergency care. Both teams spent time educating owners on animal care, and the SGU team taught horse farm owners how to prevent common problems plaguing horses on Isabela that work on the harsh Galapagos lava rocks.

Even as I write this, the SGU team is tirelessly working to treat even more animals, testing them for invasive diseases, and saving lives that would not have had any help if veterinary volunteers did not come to Galapagos. If you’ve made the decision to help us save even more animals, but aren’t sure how to help, then there’s a way you can help while cleaning your own house! If you have items you want to get out of your house, you can sell them on ebay and simultaneously help DAD. Go to this link to find out how to get rid of your surplus items and help DAD save lives:  http://donations.ebay.com/charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=54002

Thank you for all your dedication to helping this important ecosystem. We, the community, the animals, and our volunteers thank you all for the opportunity to help this World Heritage Site.

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