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  1. May Vet Report

    For the rest of May, our vet in Galapagos treated 22 more animals. He treated dogs, cats, cows/bulls, and goats. All his efforts in treating animal injuries goes a long way in promoting healthy and happy animals on the islands. All his efforts in animal sterilizing, deparasiting, and disinfecting contribute to the long-term health of the Galapagos.

    In addition to treating animals directly, Dr. Zambrano has also been giving presentations to schools and universities on Galapagos during this time. He has been teaching many types of students growing up on the islands the importance of proper animal care and hygiene, as well as the dangers of allowing invasive parasites to spread.

    Dr. Zambrano also demonstrated to local Galapagos farmers the humane ways to approach and calm large bovines that need treatment.

    While direct veterinary attention will curtail the spread of invasive animals as well as the diseases they carry, it is humane education that encourages better stewardship in general of the most precious resource that is Galapagos.

    For the complete report and a breakdown of treatments and patients, download the Excel spreadsheet (includes photos): May 2010 report

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