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Vote for DAD to help us fund our biggest campaign to date!

Help us save the Galapagos by voting for us on Sunsuper Dreams!  It will cost you nothing and DAD may get $5,000!

Sunsuper Dreams is a site where you can vote for a cause to win $5,000 for that month.  All you need to vote is an email address, you won’t get spammed by the contest site, and you’ll help us save a critical UN World Heritage Site.  Click below to vote; we have less than a week left to win!


We’re three days into our biggest campaign ever. We’ve treated over 50 horses so far on the biggest island of Galapagos, we’ve treated over 60 cats and dogs so far at our Santa Cruz Island clinic, and we’ve tested 26 animals so far for invasive disease.  Our volunteers from St. George’s University Veterinary School and the University of Florida Veterinary School have been doing an absolutely amazing job, tirelessly sterilizing and saving animals day and night.  Clients have started to line up with injured animals before 7:30am, and we’ve already completely filled up the schedule for the next three days. And in just over a week, the University of Pennsylvania vet students come to our clinic to continue this work.

It’s quite a sight, especially to see so many people who want their animals healthy and happy.  But it’s also expensive.  If we won the Sunsuper Dreams contest this month, $5,000 could go such a long way to paying back the expenses of this campaign.  If you want to save countless lives in one of the most important places on earth, give us a vote, share on your Facebook page, email your friends to vote, and re-post as much as you can!

Thank you for your continued support in helping us save this archipelago!

5-25-12Some of the many dogs our volunteers treated today at our Santa Cruz Island clinic.


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