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  1. Escotti and his run-away evening

    Santa Cruz, Galapagos

    Escotti ran away one night, off to have his own adventure… but when he came back, he had an nasty looking wound on his paw. As soon as they saw the wound, Escotti’s family brought him to the Darwin Animal Doctors’ clinic for treatment. The team already knew the dog; he previously came to the clinic to be sterilized and was later successfully treated for gastroenterological problems. After helping and supporting Escotti through his other medical treatments, the team had grown quite fond of the little pup and quickly began to treat him.


    The cause of the wound was unknown. Escotti was likley hit by car, an all too common occurrence for runaway dogs. Thankfully, it seemed that Escotti was lucky. While his wound was large and bleeding, he was still putting weight on his paw. This told the team of Doctors that he likely did not have any significant damage to the structures of the leg like a fractured bone.

    However, Escotti still needed to be sedated so that the Doctors could properly examine and treat the wound. Dr. Filip anesthetized the pup and began a thorough and careful examination of his paw. Escotti suffered minor damage to one tendon. With Dr. Filip’s skill and precision, it was easy for him to suture the structures and skin back together. Escotti’s leg was bandaged to keep the healing wound clean and he was sent home with instructions to return for a recheck in the following days.

    To the team’s delight, upon his return, it was clear that Escotti’s wound was healing nicely and as expected. The only issue was that the cheeky pup had started to lick the wound – but that was easily addressed with by giving Escotti a cone of shame!


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