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  1. April/May Vet Report

    Our first month of operations in Galapagos had our vet working overtime already. Dr. Paco Zambrano worked days, evenings, and weekends to save sick and injured animals from unthinkable fates. Treatments lasted anywhere from a matter of hours to a matter of weeks.

    In addition to treating accident/injury victims, Dr. Zambrano treated MANY animals for parasites and infections. These treatments alleviate lots of animal suffering, and you cannot underestimate the importance of stopping the spread of these invasive germs and parasites across the fragile Galapagos ecosystem.

    In the final week of April, Dr. Zambrano traveled to his native city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, in order to acquire badly needed medicines and surgical supplies for the D.A.D. clinic. He then returned to Galapagos to continue his important work.

    For the complete report and a breakdown of treatments and patients, download the Excel spreadsheet: April/May 2010 Report

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