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  1. Global COVID-19 Campaign

    We are all very much aware of the global crisis affecting us all currently. Many of us are in isolation or lockdown, and not one of us could have escaped hearing news of the life-changing impacts of COVID-19.

    But all over the world our local partners are working tirelessly to combat the damage of COVID-19, stop it’s spread, and stop the spread of other zoonotic diseases.

    We’re launching the DAD Global COVID-19 Campaign! Helping to fight the fight to save countless lives.


    So what are our partners doing?

    In Morocco, RAPAD-Maroc are doing an incredible job taking care of abandoned farm animals. Their new campaign ‘Sheep Shepherds’ are looking after newly abandoned sheep, which were being attacked in the streets by newly abandoned dogs as people feared catching the virus from their domestic animals.

    Abandoned sheep, Morocco


    In Indonesia, ISCP helps fight the spread of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19 by stopping the illegal wildlife market and wildlife trafficking, limiting the human contact with these wild animals. We need their work now more than ever.

    Rescued Slow Loris


    In Ecuador, our amazing vets will be giving a free webinar on April 9th about COVID-19.

    Equador Sloth


    In the USA, our amazing seamstress and plush toy maker is making stylish face masks to donate to healthcare workers in the Northwest!

    Rescued Stylish Face Masks


    So here’s that link again where you can support our local partners in their fight against this global pandemic:


    Without you, none of this amazing work would be possible, so now, more than ever we want to give you an enormous thank you! Thank you so much! And stay safe wherever you are.


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


    And, of course, Cute Piggy image of the week:

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  2. World Water Day

    March 22nd was World Water Day, and we wanted to make it clear just how important water is to all our projects around the world.


    Wildlife is disappearing all over the world (and reappearing in wildlife markets which causes all sorts of problems like new disease spread!). The more it disappears, the more factory farming and palm oil take up our global drinking water supply. Subsequently water becomes ever more precious in rebuilding our wild places and communities around the world.


    In Morocco we have to make new wells to reclaim and rebuild wildlife habitat as well as supply water to our partners in the wildlife rehab project; RAPAD-MAROC.


    Water project Morocco


    Water project Morocco


    Water project Morocco


    In Tanzania our partners are in regions where people must travel long distances to get water for their communities and their animals. After doing so, the water is often dirty and unfit for consumption.



    Water project Tanzania


    It is up to us to help them to supply their projects with life-giving essentials like water.


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


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  3. Sun bear Update

    Firstly, wherever you are, we hope you and your loved ones are safe during this pandemic. Countries locking down their communities is affecting everyone and our teams worldwide are being affected as well, as travel restrictions are forcing us all to cut back on the amount of campaign travel and fundraising we can do this year. We will thus have to modify our plans to accomplish our collective goals this year, as our fundraising opportunities have seriously become curtailed this season. 

    But, we wanted to give you good news to think about today! Remember our sun bear rescue with Indonesian partner ISCP? (https://www.facebook.com/iscp.original/) Well, our collaboration has been working hard to make life better for our little friend that our ISCP and Indonesian wildlife authority partners saved from the illegal wildlife market! In building up the infrastructure to help him, we, together, build a way to save countless other sun bears that the collaboration can help in the future! 

    Our first sun bear rescue

    Sun bear with his rescuers

    Also a welcome and big thanks to the Sumatran Sun Bear Team (https://www.facebook.com/sumatransunbearteam/), helping to rehabilitate our boy!

    Sun bear!

    Our collaborative team has just completed building much larger enclosures for him, so he can have more room to roam around in between training to be an outdoor bear again!

    Making a bigger enclosure

    A new enclosure

    Although things are very rough in the world for so many right now, we wanted to give you something happy being developed. Something that you helped create. 

    Huge thank you to IFAW for giving ISCP the ability to expand into sun bear territory.


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


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  4. Brazilian Protectors!

    This week we’re showcasing our Brazilian partner, Protetores Sem Fronteiras; Protectors Without Borders, you can find them on instagram right here: https://www.instagram.com/protetores_sem_fronteiras_es/

    This amazing organisation is made up of Piggy’s friends, including amputees, who advocate for animals with disabilities, like this adorable little pup here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzHLpRAFzAs/

    Protectors without Borders pup

    Click the link above for the video!

    They not only rescue and vaccinate street animals in Guarapari, Brazil, but they also campaign to pass the very first humane laws in the region, since to date there have been none. 

    Another adorable pup with his human

    Their lives have been very difficult lately, as the region has been deluged in constant storms and flooding. We can see here just how difficult these past few weeks have been for people and animals alike: https://www.facebook.com/1415791248722682/posts/2293273147641150. It has put all the animals in a terrible situation, but this hasn’t stopped the tireless work of our partners. 

    There have been a lot more animals in need, like these abandoned puppies now being cared for by our local partners:

    Abandoned puppies, well looked afterWe will continue to update you on their amazing work over the coming weeks and months.

    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


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  5. Youth Rangers Celebration

    Stay Wild in Sumatra have been doing some amazing work with the Youth Rangers program. This week, they’ve completed the first phase of the program, and their children have graduated.

    Stay Wild's Youth Rangers getting their diplomas

    Youth Rangers dancing in happiness with their diplomas

    During the course of the program, they learned forestry skills, English, and vocational skills, and learned to patrol with the rangers in the Leuser Ecosystem rainforest. 

    They worked really hard and are clearly ecstatic to be full fledged Youth Rangers now, ready to defend their rainforest home as community leaders. 

    Youth Rangers posing with their diplomas

    Youth Rangers celebrating

    At the same time, Stay Wild’s rangers completed their first round of anti-poaching patrols through the rainforest, thanks to a grant by A Seed of Change (https://www.aseedofchange.org/). Included in these patrols is our partner’s first female patrol member, pictured here during one of their patrols:

    Stay Wild Patrol, including their first female patroller

    We are, as always grateful for the support that makes all of this possible! 


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


    Cute Piggy image of the week:


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  6. Tanzanian Rangers!!!

    This week, we’re introducing our latest exciting partnership with the community rangers of the Rafiki Wildlife Foundation, in Tanzania.

    The community rangers of the Rafiki Wildlife Foundation

    Our goal together is to collaborate to protect the Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA) that they patrol: http://twma.co.tz/wmas/burunge-juhibu.html

    And the animals that inhabit that area:Some animals of the Burunge Wildlife Management Area

    The Babati District is rich in wildlife and home to some magnificent elephants, as well as the population of buffalo.

    Rafiki’s current website still in development but you can see the amazing work they’re doing: https://www.rafikiwildlifefoundations.org/ .

    If you want to support these community rangers, you can give here, and we can build their capacity to be able to patrol the WMA together with us: https://darwinanimal.bsd.net/page/contribute/donate-today

    We look forward to being able to share news and developments from Tanzania with you all!!


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors


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  7. UN Education and Academia Stakeholder Group

    Exciting news this week! We are now full constituent members of the UN Stakeholder Group for Education and Academia!

    We want to say what an honor this is. We’ve become members because we want to address the world’s problems through education, as we feel it is the best way to arm children and communities to rise up out of poverty, create a sustainable future, and create sustainable alternatives to environmental destruction.

    Piggy will once again be joining other UN members in a discussion on how to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

    Education is our primary focus, and Piggy, our three legged dog and inspiration for our education program, is still being taught in our curriculum throughout Indonesia:

    Our Youth Rangers program continues to inspire in the rainforests of Asia, and it will soon be spreading to Africa this year:

    Another enormous thank you to all of our supporters for making all of this possible!


    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

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  8. Piggy’s sun bear champions!

    We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this week by showing our love for sun bears!

    Thanks to the generosity of IFAW, our Indonesian collaboration with local friends ISCP has now expanded to help save sun bears! This little cub was rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, and ISCP is working to ensure his future through rehabilitation!

    Our friend Rudi, ISCP representative, with a rescued sun bear

    ISCP is working with the Indonesian wildlife authority, the BKSDA, to help more species of wildlife, as our collaborative rescue range increases, giving us access to more animals threatened by the illegal wildlife trade and palm oil fires. ISCP is contributing a lot of resources, working with the BSKDA to rehabilitate our little sun bear cub.

    ISCP donating supplies to the BSKDA for the rescued sun bear

    As always, education is the key to our expansion. Our local partner’s commitments to community education and wildlife training are helping to increase all local stakeholders’ capacity to handle the rescue demand!

    ISCP giving training materials to the BKSDA in rehabilitating the sun bear cub

    Another enormous thank you to IFAW, and an equally as big thank you to all of our supporters for making it possible to help all our friends like ISCP and BKSDA save the animals and the rainforest!

    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

    Cute Piggy image of the week:

    Piggy in a scarf enjoying his favorite activity, a car ridew

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  9. Ismael’s shelter in Tanzania

    February is here! And we’re showing our love for this month by showcasing one of our newest local partners, and the gorgeous animals in Tanzania. Our friend Ismael’s animal shelter in Arusha is the very first animal shelter in mainland Tanzania!

    Ismael and one of his rescue puppies
    We have been working with Ismael for years now, watching his program grow and inspire the youth of the region.

    Ismael's shelter, and some of his volunteers
    We can’t wait to help Ismael and our local Arusha teacher friends in making dogs and animal protection  as much of a part of the Arusha community as it is becoming everywhere we operate.

    One of Ismael's adorable puppies clinging to his leg

    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

    Cute Piggy image of the week:

    Piggy snoozing on a Love pillow

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  10. Piggy’s first campaign of 2020!

    January sees our first campaign of 2020! We start the year in Sumatra, at a critical time, during their biggest wildfires.

    Our community developer, Sarah Wang, went to Sumatra to work with schools, NGO’s, Rangers, and communities from all over Indonesia. See the video of her campaign here.

    Sarah Wang at the airport on her way to Indonesia

    She taught her sustainability program: Youth Rangers, to hundreds of teachers and students in and around the Leuser Ecosystem rainforest.

    You can see a second, a more personal video she made about her adventures with friends and fellow conservationists on this campaign, here.

    Sarah, with teacher and student, in a classroom, teaching her Guarians of the Forest program

    Participating groups learned everything from First Aid, to wildlife conflict resolution, to jungle trek communication and safety, and humane education teaching techniques.

    Local NGO's and community leaders learning first aid in the Leuser Ecosystem rainforest

    From cities to rainforest communities, it was amazing to see everyone’s commitment to creating a sustainable future for their children!

    As always, we want to express a huge thank you, for making all of this possible, and for helping all our local partners, the rainforest, the local wildlife, and the forest communities! 

    -Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

    Cute Piggy image of the week:

    Piggy snoozing in a ray of sunshine

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