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  1. Spay/Neuter Campaign February 2016!!

    This week we did a very successful spay/neuter campaign on the island of San Cristobal. Working together with the vets from ABG and their local floor team, we managed to neuter 23 male cats, 30 female cats, 11 male dogs and 23 female dogs. Although we were working long hours with limited resources, fighting together to protect the biodiversity and bringing veterinary care to a place where it is needed is very rewarding and never tiring!!!

    dad 5

    dad 4

    dad 3

    dad 2

    dad 1

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  2. Meet Leon!!

    Patient of the week! This is Leon, a 3 week old kitten. He had an unlucky fall and that caused multiple fractures of his little hind leg… When he was brought in, a week after his accident unfortunately, his leg was already deformed and the best option was an amputation. Luckily he survived the operation and is doing well! He is inspired by Piggy and determined to become a healthy big cat!

    cat 1

    cat 4

    cat 3

    cat 2

  3. A special barn owl patient!

    Last week we had a special patient, an endemic Galapagos Barn Owl. This poor thing was hit by a car and was brought in with a broken leg and in state of shock. Despite all our love and care, this beautiful owl didn’t make it. We would like to thank Dr. Jochem Lastdrager and the rest of our staff and volunteers who gave their best efforts for this beautiful animal!

    owl 1

    owl 2

    owl 3

    owl 4

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  4. Meet our new vet Carmen!!


    Hi everybody,
    My name is Carmen and I’ll be working as the head veterinarian in the clinic of Darwin Animal Doctors on the beautiful island Santa Cruz for the next six months!

    My first group of volunteers have just left and I can say that we already did some very, good work! We helped a lot of dogs and cats: sterilizing them, treating them for parasites and giving much needed medical care to several emergencies both in our clinic and on the Island of Isabela. We also visited a horse farm in the Highlands of Santa Cruz and received a very special patient… a crippled piglet!

    Starting up the clinic was a bit of a challenge, but after the first couple of weeks, everything is falling nicely into place. I can say: we are ready to go!

    I’m very excited to be able to contribute to the welfare of animals on the Galapagos islands and very grateful for this amazing opportunity… providing free medical care (which is only possible through donations received from contributors, like you)!

    Future activities will include assisting indigneous animals with Galapagos Nature Park and implementing our Education Curriculum… stay tuned for future updates.



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