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Archive: Jan 2013

  1. The Little Things Make a Big Difference!

    We are so thankful for all the vet practices, human hospitals, dentists, pharmaceutical companies, and friends who have donated supplies or funds to us in the past two years! Here is a recent example of how it makes a huge difference to the animals of Galapagos.

    This is Harena. Her owner brought her to our clinic to be spayed, dewormed, and treated for fleas and ticks. During her pre-operative exam, our volunteers noticed that her gums were quite pale, which can be a sign of anemia. Last year, we were lucky enough to have had a centrifuge donated to run a PCV, a common test for anemia. Sure enough, Harena’s PCV was very very low, indicating that she was indeed anemic. Because of this centrifuge (and our astute volunteers), we were able to catch an underlying disease and avoid doing surgery on a sick pet. We called her owner and started treatment to make her feel better instead of proceeding with surgery.

    These are things we take for granted in countries where every vet clinic has access to full lab testing and advanced diagnostics. Everyone who has donated to Darwin Animal Doctors has brought us a step closer to bringing that level of vet care to the animals of Galapagos. Thank you!

    If you are interested in donating, please visit this link and scroll down to make a donation through our website.

    We also have a “wishlist” for supplies/equipment donations here: DAD wishlist (PDF)

    And of course if you are interested in volunteering, send us an email at volunteer@darwinanimaldoctors.org! We really appreciate your support!