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A Big April for DAD in the US and in Galapagos!

Tod Emko, President, Darwin Animal Doctors

Thanks to an amazing group of volunteers, brave commuters, generous product donors, and the unofficial vegan community center of MooShoes in Manhattan, DAD had an amazing April!  We had our Earth Day fundraiser, and started serving animals in an important way in Galapagos.

A huge thanks to our volunteers and patrons who braved the hard rain, the flood warnings, and the rerouted trains, to bring as well as purchase the bake sale goods! Verite Catering and Terri restaurant gave us delicious, delicious treats.  And a huge, huge thanks to our generous raffle prize donors! Thanks to Lush Cosmetics for giving us an amazing gift basket raffle prize that customers drooled over.  Thanks to Vaute Couture for giving us a special animal friends shirt raffle prize that people were willing to fight over.  And of course, thanks again to MooShoes for giving us their store space, their Sunday, and a $50 gift card raffle prize that people divided after the drawing.  With everyone’s help, we raised $976 for DAD!

While the fundraiser was going on, developments in Galapagos were happening which will hopefully ensure the sustainability of the islands.

In 2008, Sea Shepherd Galapagos, in cooperation with the Ecuadorian National Police, set up the – to date – only police dog unit in Latin America that is focusing on the detecting of illegal wildlife smuggling. Sea Shepherd has been paying all expenses for six police dogs that form this unit, and is now asking DAD to assist them in this project by providing the National Police with veterinary care and medicine.

DAD began providing these the day of the fundraiser. So the funds raised at MooShoes on Earth Day immediately started going to helping the Galapagos!

If anyone wanted to but couldn’t be in NYC for the fundraiser, due to the weather or from being too far away, remember you can always contribute at our website, or you can contribute at no cost to yourself by installing the GoodSearch toolbar. Install the GoodSearch toolbar into your web browser, set Darwin Animal Doctors as your beneficiary, and every time you do an internet search through it, or you shop at a GoodSearch affiliated site like Amazon.com, a corporate donation is automatically made to DAD!

A huge thank you to everyone this past April!  May is looking even more exciting, as it will see the start of our major summer campaigns!

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