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  1. Check us out in Forbes!

    Here is a great article about LUSH cosmetics’ “Charity Pot”! It gives very in depth information on all the good Charity Pot does for its benefactors and how those benefactors go on to help save the world! DAD even got a mention in the article!! Charity Pot can be found in any LUSH store and online at https://www.lush.com/!

    Following the millions in LUSH’s Charity Pot

    DAD has been a Charity Pot partner since 2011 and they have done some many wonderful things to help us help the animals of the Galapagos Islands!

    FullSizeRender(1)                                                        LushStaffwithDAD                           IMG_2697

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  2. DAD visits the Tomas de Berlanga School!

    This week, the Tomas de Berlanga School on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, graciously invited members of the DAD clinic to come speak to their students about veterinary care and what it means to be a veterinarian.  Along with the speech, head vet Ainoa Claudin and local Galapagos veterinary volunteer Itziar also did some fun, but educational, activities with the kids. It was very rewarding for us to be able to provide information to the youth of the Galapagos Islands on why being a vet is an important job, and how at no matter what age you are, you can always do something to help preserve the ecosystem for future generations to enjoy!

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    Thank you again to the Tomas de Berlanga School! We look forward to doing more educational work with you in the future!!!


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  3. December Report!

    The holidays were good for us at Darwin Animal Doctors! Our numbers for December are in and it was a very successful end of the year! We treated 134 animals at the clinic and preformed 18 surgeries! We have also been continuing to partner with the ABG for events in the local community both providing vital preventative treatments and more education on animal care.

    December education 3 December education 2 December Education

    Full December Report!


    In the the United States we continued our bake sales raising over $1000 for the animals at the clinic!

    December blog pic


    We hope you all had a very happy holiday and are having a healthy start for 2015!!


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  4. Zuca’s Story

    Many volunteers find themselves developing an attachment to a wonderful but unfortunately homeless animal that is brought into the clinic, and they eventually find a way to bring their furry friend home with them. This was the case with Patrick, one of our volunteers from UPenn. He came to the clinic for his two weeks of volunteering and ended up falling in love with a homeless dog who had been brought to our clinic by local children that were worried about her well being. This special dog’s name was Zuca.


    After his two weeks at the clinic were up, all he could think about was Zuca, and how he was going to bring her home. It took several months to get all of the paperwork and red tape sorted out to be able to bring a dog from the Galapagos Islands into the United States, but eventually Zuca was given the ok to travel. She boarded an airplane (which can be a scary experience for any animal) to the United States, where she was reunited with her loving human friend Patrick. Since then, she has adjusted very well to her new home, even becoming a therapy dog! She lives with Patrick and her “big sister”  Cinder, and frequently visits the UPenn Veterinary School where she is given lots of love and belly rubs.

    IMG_5436 10649067_1480075922259076_7923057901183714359_o Zuca

    For more on Zuca’s story click here!!!


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