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  1. June Monthly Report!!

    Our work continues with a big clinic turnout in June!! We treated over 200  animals this month, and continued to spread the word of DAD!!!

    In the clinic we treated over 200 patients and had a whopping 11 volunteers!!! A huge “Thank You” to: Yirui Heng, Daniell Rosenberg, Daniel Adams, Alexandria John, Rebecca Murphy, Jennifer Chen, Simone Penaherrera, Damaris Scotland, Diego Andino, Danna Penaherrera and Christina Hidalgo! You can read the full June report here!

    Our United States fundraisers started the month off strong with an appearance at Eternal Con! There they got to meet many amazing people, one of which was Maria Sirtis from Star Trek: The Next Generation!! She talked to DAD founder Tod Emko and posed for pictures with spokesdog Piggy! We also debuted our new “Captian Pawmerica” shirt featuring Simon dressed up as one of his favorite super heros!

    IMG_7133(1) FullSizeRender(16) IMG_7119(1) IMG_7109(1) IMG_7092


    We also tabled at The Seed in Brooklyn!! It was an awesome event, with some of our favorite vegan vendors!!! Tod enjoyed some Marty’s Vegan Fast Food and everyone had a great weekend!! We also had some guest tablers from LUSH who deserve a HUGE “thank you”!! Thank you LUSH!

    IMG_7257 IMG_7256 IMG_7252



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