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Meet Yatchi, a happy dog of 1,5 years old.
Yatchi is living in the highlands of Isabela Island. A friend of us visited the farm and found out that Yatchi was hit by a car 1 month ago and was still limping with his frontleg. Besides that he was still escaping to be the casanova of all the females in the neighborhood!The owner was really desperate to get him checked and castrated. So we went there on a sunday and examined Yatchi. His right frontleg was broken, but already healing. This process, luckely, always goes fast in young dogs! And the fact that he was still limping gave him the feeling that he had to be carefull with that leg. In this case a little bit of pain prevents the dog from fully use his leg which obviously would end up in breaking the leg again.After we examined him we had no reason not to castrate him. Since the floor of the clinic is really slippery we decided to castrate him at home, in the highlands. So there would be no chance of him falling down and braking the leg again!After surgery Yatchi woke up in the place he normally sleeps sleeps, between the little chicks and the fighting cocks (yes, unfortunately they have those here and use them for fights…).The owner was impressed by the procedure, according to him it was ‘as they did surgery on a human’.
At this moment Yachi is doing great and is now a happy castrated dog, and hopefully he will stop chasing the females soon!

(Taken from Tjarda Reints Bok and Jochem Lastdrager’s blog, Travelling Animal Doctors)

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