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Where your donation goes!

Have you ever donated and later wondered where your money is actually going? We at DAD would love for you to know where your dollar is going!

Since we work in Ecuador, donations go further than they would in other countries. It takes about $1,000 a month to pay a full time vet, which means at least 50 sterilizations, and around 200 other animals receive the medical care they desperately need. Now, 50 sterilizations may not seem like a lot, but one unsterilized female dog can lead to 7,776 dogs in a four-year period. With that being the case, we are potentially preventing around 389,000 animals from running wild in the Galapagos Islands four years from now!


To break it down even further:

A $10 donation gives the clinic the essential medicines it needs to treat all the furry patients that come through our doors. Having a vet clinic is useless if you don’t have the essential medicines needed to treat the animals we see each day. Through generous donations from individuals, and companies such as IDEXX, we have been able to expand how we diagnose and treat our patients.

A $25 donation covers parasite removal for three animals. This could mean a child’s new puppy won’t get a deadly disease from a tick bite, or a street dog won’t die of malnourishment wrought by crippling internal parasites.

A $50 donation funds a trained animal doctor to perform two animal sterilizations and treat six other sick animals. Treating an animal’s illness not only benefits the animal itself, but also guarantees the illness won’t spread to other parts of the ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands.

A $100 donation funds a trained animal doctor to perform four animal sterilizations and treat 12 other sick animals. This will prevent overpopulation of cats and dogs that threaten the amazing but delicate ecosystem the Galapagos Islands is famous for.


Or, you can set up a monthly donation, and receive exclusive updates on which animals the donations from this month are saving. Whether you give one dollar or a hundred, we hope that you feel inspired to see your money turn into compassionate action!

If you would like to make a one-time donation, or donate a specific amount every month please visit http://darwinanimaldoctors.org/how-to-help/donate/.

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