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When Prim stopped eating

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

When Prim, a sweet, energetic puppy started to become lethargic, his guardians started to become concerned. After a few days, Prim had no more energy and then stopped eating. At this point, his guardians became very worried and brought Prim straight to the Darwin Animal Doctors’ clinic.  As the Doctors examined the puppy they noticed that his respiration was very fast and they he had very pale mucosea. Prim was not well, and the Doctors needed to find out why – and soon.

Dr. Justin ran a blood examination, expecting that there was some kind of infection. The examination revealed just that – Prim was severely anemic and had a high infection cell count. He was also positive for Erlichia, a tick-born disease. The Doctor’s concluded that Prim was having a severe immune reaction due to the Erlichia, and that his body had begun to destroy his own red blood cells in response. Prim was in dire need of help.


Dr. Justin and Dr. Stella hospitalized Prim to start him on his life-saving therapy. The therapy is a long one, ridding his body of the infections and bringing him back to balance, stopping his immune response from damaging his own body. While the therapy would take some time, within a number of hours the Doctors could already see an improvement in Prim. Together with some extra love and attention, the therapy was working.

After a day, Prim was healthy enough to return home and continue the therapy with his family at his side. His guardians were happy that their beloved pup would be able to return home and was well on his way to recovery.


Prim’s life was saved due to the dedication of our team of volunteers. Help our Doctors be able to continue saving lives every day. Donate today.

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