Darwin Animal Doctors


The DAD Experience Throught the Eyes of the Volunteers

“Volunteering for Darwin Animal Doctors is an experience like no other!
Come and see things and work in ways you wouldn’t at home. It is a great learning experience for qualified vets and students alike. Improve your clinical skills, learn Spanish and help a fantastic cause at the same time.
All of this in the unique place that is the Galapagos Islands! It is an experience you will never forget!”

Laura Harvey. England.

tick infection



“We are two veterinary students coming from Norway and we were looking for some hand-on experience for our final year. Galapagos seemed like the perfect destination for the combination of both travel and work. As volunteers we have both gained experience in basic clinical work as well as exploring the unique islands and biodiversity of the Galapagos. We would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve clinical experience with small animal as well as experiencing the joys of traveling.”

Susanne Valen & Gro Waagen. Norway.

lateral spay


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