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Update on Panda, Prim, and Eskay!!

Our work at the clinic can be hard and demanding, and we get some tough cases. However, there are days like today that make us remember why we do the work we do.

Today we had visits from three dogs we had previously treated, and they were all doing AMAZING!

Panda, if you remember, was brought into the clinic after not eating and being lethargic. She tested positive for IMHA and received treatment with a blood transfusion. If you need a refresher of Panda’s tough story, you can find it here:


Today, Panda looked much better. She had developed some minor skin problems, but he was playing like never before. It was hard to remember the close to death pup that had once met.

Panda during transfusion

Panda (held on the far right) during revisit

Prim was brought to us after getting a bad blood infection from a tick. He was lethargic, had stopped eating, had pale mucosae, and was breathing very fast. A month after therapy, Prim was jumping around the outside clinic. All he needed was a regular deparasitation, but Prim was tired of medication. Nonetheless, we were thrilled to see Prim running and jumping around, with some nice and pink mucosae.

A very lethargic Prim

Prim, so full of life!

Eskay was a puppy who suffered intestinal problems. He stayed with us at this clinic for after  while we found enlarged lymph nodes in his abdomen. Not only had Eskay improved magnificently since the operation, he had grown a lot!!

When we first met Eskay

Look at how much he’s grown!


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