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Panda came in as a lethargic puppy who hadn’t eaten for a couple of days and was getting worse by the minute. She didn’t have other symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea, so we decided to have a look at her blood under the microscope.

We found her blood to be almost watery, a bright color compared to the normal dark-red color it should be. We examined a drop of blood under the microscope and discovered the signs of IMHA (immune mediated hemolytic anemia), a condition where the immune system attacks red blood cells. We suspected a viral or blood-parasite cause.

Drawing blood for Panda’s Transfusion

We called the owners and encouraged them to find a healthy dog where we could draw blood from in order to start a blood transfusion. Luckily in less than 2 hours a healthy adult dog arrived at the clinic so we could start the procedure.

Lauren and Reagan Monitoring Blood Transfusion

After the transfusion, Panda quickly started to improve. The day after the procedure, Panda looked more pink and alive. After a couple days at the clinic, Panda returned to being a happy, energetic puppy, in need of a lot of attention. Luckily for Panda, the clinic is filled with people who love to snuggle!

Post-Transfusion Snuggles with Stella

On the day she left she got a trim and a shower. The owners were so happy; they brought us presents: a bag full of lemons and empanadas!

Panda went home on medication and we will be checking up on her regularly but our hearts are already filled with love when you see these little souls getting their life back.

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