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Update on D’Yaria, the Rescued Jaguar Cub

D’Yaria the rescued jaguar cub is making significant progress towards complete recovery! Every day is a step closer to her freedom, back to the forests of Ecuador alongside her kind*.

The courageous little jaguar cub is currently isolated from all human contact in an outdoor nature park, monitored by her primary veterinarian, Dr. John Castillo, and Parque Turistico Nueva Loja.

D’Yaria is learning to be wild again. She is hunting prey and becoming quite the skillful swimmer. Watch D’Yaria in action in the video below, recently captured via trail camera in June.


Darwin Animal Doctors needs your help to keep D’Yaira safe once she is re-released into the wild!

We are purchasing an advanced collar that will grow with D’Yaria and last two years in the elements. This collar is essential to tracking D’Yaria’s progress and advancing long-term jaguar conservation efforts in Ecuador. The collar costs a total of $2,500 and we only have $300 left to raise!

Contribute to D’Yaria’s future today! Choose your tax-deductible gift below.




Thank you for supporting Darwin Animal Doctors and making D’Yaria’s homecoming a reality!


* D’Yaria is a young jaguar cub who was found shot in the forests of Ecuador. Dr. Andres Ortega and his team saved D’Yaria, with support from our vet Dr. Cris Cely, after performing the two spinal surgeries D’Yaria needed last year. Donate today and help D’Yaria return to the wild!

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