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Tomas and his tumor

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

A worried guardian brought Tomas to the Darwin Animal Doctors’ clinic as there was a lump growing out of his left lower eyelid. The lump was not extremely large, but it was in a sensitive and delicate location. After a further examination, the Doctors concluded that it could potentially be a tumor. Despite Tomas only being three years old, he would have to undergo surgery to remove the potentially life-threatening tumor on his eye lid.


Tomas was scheduled for surgery a few days later. Dr. Filip, with the support of Dominika, performed the sensitive surgery. The team skillfully removed the tumor, needing only a tiny incision, and leaving Tomas with only one small stitch. After the lump’s removal, the team inspected a sample under a microscope to determine its origin.

“It revealed an increased number of cells with black pigment in them. These cells are called melanocytes so the conclusion was that the lump was actually a tiny melanocytic tumour. These tumours are generally benign and this one didn’t show signs of malignity. Therefore, Tomas has a good prognosis and we expect the tumour not to come back. His eyelid looked very nice after the surgery and should heal quickly” reported the Doctors.

Thankfully, Tomas is expected to make a full recovery, and shouldn’t expect to see any other nasty tumors. His eyelid should also heal completely, leaving Tomas to continue his long, happy life.





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