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The Isabela Project!

The Isabela Project, its on!

We spend last week on the mainland arranging a visa to be able to go back to Galapagos! Luckily it all went quickly and after a week we got a new visum (6 months) for Ecuador and the transeunte for Galapagos!

This is really good news since we are, togethere with Darwin Animal Doctors and the Isabela Oceanographic Institute, starting up a temporary clinic on Isabela island for 3 months!

Since there hasn’t been any veterinary care in over 3 years the owners and animals on Isabela are desperate to get a clinic! There are owners with over 7 animals that would like to have them all spayed and neutered. As well as looked at, treated for parasites et cetera!

We are really looking forward to going there. At the moment we are arranging all the medication and material to bring. On monday the first of July we are going there to set up the clinic and we will start receiving patients a week after that! We will keep you all posted!

(Taken from Tjarda Reints Bok and Jochem Lastdrager’s blog, Travelling Animal Doctors)

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  1. Carol Reintsbok

    Thanks for al the ungreatfull work you done. Can we asked your people if you can help us in the freestate in South Africa with animal care. I know its very very far but here is no money to get al the animals sterilized. We got 7 year ago a lot that come to one township and they are so very busy for a lot of years.This is for the SPCA



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