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Spay and neuter campaign, Santa Cruz, January 2018

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

The Darwin Animal Doctors team have been busier than ever this year, running additional spay/neuter campaigns around the Galapagos islands monthly, with the support of the ABG (Agencia de Regulacion y Control de la Bioseguridad para Galapagos – the agency in control of the protection of biosecurity in Galapagos).

Over the next weeks, we will give you a run down of the amazing work that these campaigns have achieved – and will be continuing to achieve throughout the rest of the year.

On January 15th was the beginning of the first of these campaigns. This first campaign was to focus on Santa Cruz, the same island where the Darwin Animal Doctors’ clinic is located, but in areas where the residents have difficulties bringing their animals to the clinic.

For three days, the clinic team, alongside the team from ABG, conducted spay and neuter surgeries. Furthermore, all dogs that came through the clinic were microchipped, helping with the assessment of the number of dogs on the islands, including the ability to link the medical profile of a dog to the dog itself.

Over the three days, the team were able to conduct a total of 34 spay and neuter surgeries. Below, you can see some photos from the three day campaign; the animals that came through and the teams that worked so hard to make it happen.





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