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Spay and neuter campaign, Isabela, 2018

Isabela, Galapagos

DAD, in collaboration with ABG, has started the initiative of organising spay and neuter campaigns every month. Not only on the main island, Santa Cruz, where the clinic is located, but also on the other island that don’t have
veterinary care.

In February, Isabela was visited by the Darwin Animal Doctors team, in collaboration with ABG to spay and neuter as many pets and strays as possible, and to provide veterinary care to those animals who, otherwise, do not receive such care. During this week, 60 animals were sterilized by the team!


1. Drs Stella and Justin in surgery     2. Dr. Stella warms up a cat in the sun after surgery         3. “I don’t weigh that much!”


                 4. Dr. Stella in surgery                  5. Lots of patients, means lots of towels, means a big trip to the laundry!


Sterilizing your pets helps stop pet overpopulation and unwanted litters ending up on the street. Help us provide this essential service around the world. Donate today.

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