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Simba’s strength

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

One afternoon in the Galapagos, a little puppy was brought in by his family as he had started becoming very lethargic and stopped drinking milk from his mother. The little pup had two other siblings, one of whom had already passed away. The Doctors knew that they would have to react quickly and carefully to save this little pup.

He was immediately hospitalized, and started on an aggressive therapy to treat the suspected infection. The therapy included a variety of medications to protect his gastrointestinal tract, a combination of antibiotics, and some supportive vitamins. The little pup was closely monitored and was fed frequently by our volunteers to ensure he had everything it needed to get better. To make matters worse, the poor pup was also infested with fleas and the Doctors had to treat this problem as well.


Simba, on his first visit – too lethargic to even lift his head. After a few days, he was already looking much better.

Within a day, the little pup was already looking much stronger, and was able to go home. He still needed to return twice a day to get his IV medication, but his loving guardian was dedicated to the treatment, and the pup was improving every day.

In the end, the pup’s family was so pleased to watch the little pup’s health improve, that they asked the Doctors to choose a name for him. The Doctors named him Simba.


Simba continued to return for treatment twice daily. Eventually, he was finally strong enough to stand and walk around.

Soon enough, Simba was well enough to be sent home with only pills, not having to come back to the clinic for daily IV treatment. Soon he will return to the clinic for another deparasite/deworming treatment and, once his health is fully restored and he is a little older, he will also be sterilized.

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