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Saving Wild Sumatra: How To Save Wildlife, Protect the Rainforests, and Provide Humane Education.

Washington, DC.

On Sunday, August 6, 2017 in Washington, DC, Darwin Animal Doctors President and Co-founder Tod Emko joined veteran wildlife and earth defense campaigner Julie Henry to announce the Darwin Animal Doctors’ new campaign: Saving Wild Sumatra.

During a presentation on the state of animal protection in Asia at a national conference for protecting animals, Henry and Emko premiered the trailer for the upcoming documentary Saving Wild Sumatra.  This documentary follows their investigation and meetings in Sumatra in 2016 (click here to see the documentary trailer).  Henry and Emko met with local wildlife campaigners, government officials, poachers, former poachers, and school children and their teachers to forge a path to develop relationships and communication to protect the forests and the forest animals threatened by the increasing demand for palm oil.


Sumatra is one of the last places on the planet where elephants, tigers, rhinos, and orangutans live together.  The forests of Sumatra are home to an exceptional array of wildlife under threat, including the clouded leopard and critically endangered Sumatran rhino whose population has dropped to less than 100 individuals.  In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to protect life on land, Darwin Animal Doctors will be launching a humane education program with local community partners to address wildlife conservation.  Darwin Animal Doctors and local community partners will also organize a local environmental festival.

Although the 2017 conference is the first time that Darwin Animal Doctors presented, the organization has exhibited at the conference for several years.  Exhibiting provides an excellent opportunity to meet new supporters, recruit new volunteers, and to spread the humane education message in our A Piggy’s Tail graphic novel.  Of course, the crime fighting and animal rescuing superhero three-legged dog Piggy was on hand to discuss this important work and to receive treats and belly rubs.


For more information on the campaign to save Sumatra and to see the trailer to the documentary, please visit the new campaign website at www.savingwildsumatra.com.


Join us in our efforts to Save Wild Sumatra. Donate today.

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