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Rafiki Wildlife Patrol

They are back on patrol!! Thanks to your generous support, the Rafiki Wildlife Foundation in Tanzania are back patrolling the Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

Throughout the week, our partners at Rafiki have been meeting with the District Game Officer and the Management of Burunge WMA, and have been allocated a small team of scouts in order to be able to complete their patrols and surveys.

The Babati District is rich in wildlife and when the initial patrol went out on Tuesday, they encountered a number of wildebeest, elephants, impala, zebra and waterbuck, as well as giraffes and buffalo.

The team are following the herds that stick to the borders of the reserve.

Thankfully the farms in the area patrolled on Tuesday have already harvested their crops, so animal conflict in that area is currently at a minimum, however in one of their next patrols, they intend to visit an area where elephants and buffalo continue to disturb farmers crops. It is an on-going problem in the area, which they are working hard to overcome, with their scouts attending a two day seminar about Human Resources Policy, organised by government officials this week.

The Rafiki Wildlife Foundation is working to protect humans and wildlife alike!


-Tod and the Team, Darwin Animal Doctors

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