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Pulpa and her pups

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Pulpa was brought into the Darwin Animal Doctors’ clinic by friends of her family. They believed she was having trouble giving birth. Pulpa seemed as though she was in pain; she was trying to push but had not yet given birth to any puppies.

“Since complications in birth are quite common and possess a risk both to life of puppies and the mother, we decided to hospitalize Pulpa” the Doctors stated.

Pulpa was given an IV catheter and was given some supportive medication. She was restless in the clinic, wanting to walk around and move. But she had still not given birth, and the Doctors could not feel a puppy in the birth canal.

“When dogs give birth, it takes some time for them to prepare for the process. Nervousness and contractions can appear often.”

After few hours in the clinic, there was finally some good news. Pulpa gave birth to her first puppy, and the puppy was healthy and doing well. A few moments later, the second puppy was out, also alive and healthy. Over the next few hours, Pulpa gave birth to two more puppies, both healthy and happy. The Doctors could feel that Pulpa still had at least one more puppy to give birth to, but as she was doing so unassisted and naturally so far, they decided to send her home where she would be most calm and relaxed.


“The best place for her to give birth and care for her puppies would be at home, a place she knows, where she can be calm and not stressed about the hospital environment.”

So Pulpa went home, and the Doctors heard that a fifth puppy was born, happy and healthy at home. The family were so grateful for the support of the Darwin Animal Doctors’ team, that they invited them out to their restaurant Lemon & Coffee for a wonderful ‘thank you’ dinner.



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