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Piggy’s next stop – Morocco!

This year has been huge already and we’re not even through the first month yet! We are proud to announce Piggy’s programs are coming to another region of Africa: Morocco!

We are starting another wildlife habitat restoration and school rebuilding program with local Moroccan partner and fellow UN animal group RAPAD-Maroc. We are thrilled to be working together this way!

A falcon at our Moroccan partner's aviary

We have been working together for the past year in our capacity at the UN, and we will be starting our new collaborative program in the Moroccan city of Essaouira. A very important location, and the home of the tree-climbing goats!

Tree climbing goats in a National Geographic article

But there are a lot more animals to protect and bring back through ecological restoration. And their restoration will mean a more sustainable future for the local community!

A local hedgehog at our local partner's facility
A local jackal near our partner's facility
As always, the thanks goes to all our supporters  for making all of this possible, and to all our local partners like RAPAD-Maroc help these animals and the local community!


-Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

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