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Peiton’s Story Continues

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

A few days later, Peiton’s concerned guardian returned to the clinic as the poor little pup had begun vomiting again.

The Doctors began to check Peiton over, searching for the cause of her vomiting. After some delibertion, they were able to determine that due to the excessive vomiting during her illness, Peiton’s stomach acids had burned the oesophegas and she was now regurgitating all her food. The solution? It was actually quite simple. The team needed to make sure that Peiton stayed upright for at least half an hour after she ate to help the food get into her stomach.

As the concern for Parvo had passed, the team could keep Peiton in the clinic for a few days. Each member of the team took turns to assist the little pup with eating, by hand feeding her, and would then hold her after every meal, to ensure that she would stay standing for at least half an hour. If all hands were needed in the clinic, Peiton would find herself wrapped up and supported in a backpack, taken around everywhere by Sacha.


The plan was working. Peiton had stopped regurgitating her food, as was looking increasingly better. The little pup showed multiple signs of a healthy digestive tract, and so after a few days of care in the clinic, Peiton was cleared to go home.

Her loving guardian returned to pick her up and was very happy to hear that the little pup was finally better. She later reported to the clinic team that Peiton was doing very well, eating happily and playing energetically with her brother.


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