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Pedro, a three-legged super hero

Pedro was no match for an oncoming car… and the impact resulted in the poor cat being left with a broken tibia and fibula. Unfortunately, the breaks were terribly bad and would not be able to heal. The Doctors were left with no option but to remove the painful hind leg.

While the surgery itself would be a difficult one, what may have been even more difficult was to deliver the news to the family. As Carmen talked with the owners, the father understood her reasoning and agreed to the amputation, however, his two young daughters were having a very hard time accepting it. Dr Carmen appreciated how tough this was for the girls to deal with and sat with them for a while  to help them understand. She explained how Pedro was in a lot of pain now, and why the Doctors cannot cast the leg. She told the girls about how special it is to have a cat with three legs, and how other animals have had this surgery and have lived to be very happy, healthy pets.

Dr Carmen then went and collected a copy of “A Piggy’s Tale”, a comic used in our humane education curriculum about a three-legged super hero dog which is based on a true story. Dr Carmen sat with the girls and read the comic with them, showing them that there are other three legged animals out there that are doing very well. After shedding a few tears, the girls went home, taking Piggy’s story with them.

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The family returned the next day and agreed to the surgery, the girls much happier, with a better understanding. The Doctors went ahead with the amputation, with Dr Majella assisting Dr Giacomo . The surgery was a great success, with no complications.

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Pedro woke up a little confused and stayed in the clinic a few days so that the Doctors could monitor him closely. He recovered very quickly, and by the day after the surgery was already walking around and seeking attention from the team of Doctors. He was extremely affectionate, cuddling up to all of the volunteers, who instantly fell in love with the sweet cat. Even the neighbor who saw Pedro running around on his three legs, fell for him, and came to visit the cat every day. Pedro went home with his family a few days later, a true three legged hero.

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