Darwin Animal Doctors


Pebels the Obstipated Kitten

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Pebels, the tiniest kitten of her litter, was brought into the Doctors’ clinic due to severe constipation otherwise known as obstipation. Pebels was unable to defecate for four to five days and continually vomited up her food whenever she ate. The Doctors’ discovered that Pebel’s intestines were packed with hard feces and any food in her swollen abdomen could not properly pass.


In order to alleviate her condition, the Doctors administered a few different medications to help restart her digestion. She also received some fluids under the skin and a pain killer to ease her severe discomfort.


When Pebels returned to the clinic the following day, the owners reported she had finally defecated. Her belly was less tense and swollen and her intestinal track had begun to clear out. Pebels received some more medication, but she is definitely on the mend. The little kitten will return to the clinic daily for a few days to ensure her improvement continues.

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