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Oreo’s visit to the clinic

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Poor Oreo came into the clinic feeling apathetic. He hadn’t wanted to eat or drink anything for a number of days but he had developed a large, swollen belly. Oreo was not looking well, and to make matters worse, the Doctors knew that some of Oreo’s brothers and sisters had already faced some difficulties with various diseases.

The team decided to keep Oreo in the clinic for a few days to be able to progress through a number of treatments if needed. The team begun with a deworming treatment, suspecting that worms were linked to the cause of his bloated belly. Quite quickly, Oreo passed a huge number of worms… The team kept Oreo in the clinic for a few more days, ensuring that he received the proper nutrients he needed to get stronger after his illness. A few days later, Oreo was energetic and strong again, ready to go home. The Doctors returned Oreo to his family with a full belly – but this time full from food!


It isn’t nice to see… but it helps to understand why deworming is so important! You can see why Oreo wasn’t feeling so well…


With a belly now full of food, Oreo is ready to go home!


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