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Santa Cruz, Galapagos


Pregnancy and labour are very taxing on the body; and for a stray, it is often a life-threatening experience. For Nessi, the experience was just that.

One of the dedicated girls from the Kemahe group brought Nessi into the clinic one Saturday morning at 6:30am. Nessi was very weak, already in labour and had given birth to one still birth, and another live, but extremely weak puppy. Nessi had given up, and had stopped pushing. Dr. Daphne gave her a hormone injection to help her continue with the labour, and Nessi was able to push out two more pups; although one was a still birth, and the other was very weak.


After that, Nessi gave up again, but still had puppies inside her womb. The Doctors would have to conduct a C-section.

A difficult surgery, the C-section would require all members of the team to assist. Dr. Daphne, Raphaelle and Juliette conducted the surgery, while Sacha and two other volunteers tried to get the puppies breathing again.

The team were able to save the two weak puppies, but could not revive the still borns. It was thanks to her access to medical care, however, that Nessi and the two puppies were able to survive at all. 


Lucky for Nessi, the Kemahe group, and the Darwin Animal Doctors team were there to help when the process of pregnancy and labour had become too much, and she had given up. For many street dogs, they do not have the same access to essential medical help.

Help us ensure that all dogs, just like Nessi, have access to veterinary care when they need it most, by donating today. Every donation goes towards spaying and neutering animals around the world, so they do not have to raise a litter living on the streets.

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