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Moucho’s skin condition

Moucho is a four year old male cat who has been a regular in the Galapagos Clinic due to his skin issues. It has not yet been possible to diagnose Moucho with any certain disease, but the Doctors believe it to have an auto-immune component. He has been receiving immune-suppressive medication over the past months which has been keeping the issue under control. Recently, however, poor Moucho had another flare up and the owner waited a very long time to come into the clinic for treatment.

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By the time Moucho came into the Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos clinic, he had big, crusty, infected wounds on his face. The wounds were bad enough that Moucho had to be sedated in order for Dr Majella to be able to clean them properly. After the cleaning process, Moucho received antibiotic treatment for the secondary bacterial infection, and an anti-fungal treatment, just in case. Moucho was also fitted with an e-collar to stop him scratching away at the wounds.

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Moucho will return in a few weeks for another check up, but had left the clinic looking much better, albeit with the “cone of shame”…

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