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Luchu’s amazing strength

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Sometimes the decision for an amputation is a very difficult one. Other times, you are presented with a case where there really is no alternative. Luchu was one of those cases.

“We were horrified when we saw the wound on Luchus leg… and to think that he came walking into the clinic with a bandage around it. He was limping, but he still walked. When we removed the bandage we saw a gaping wound spreading from the elbow, over the carpel joints all the way up to the toes. The skin, muscles, tendons, and joint capsule were just gone. On top of that, he also had a fracture just above the elbow.” one of our team members recalls.

Due to the extensive damage caused by the injury, the team were left with no choice but to amputate Luchu’s leg. Luchu was prepared for surgery as Dr.s Stella and Justin prepared themselves for the task at hand. Skilled in surgery, the Doctors completed the amputation without issue and Luchu woke up quickly after the surgery, which was a great sign. He was given the needed medications and pain treatment to help him not feel anxious or excited when waking, helping to give his body some extra moments of rest.

Luchu after surgery

After just a few hours, Luchu began to move around and started eating and drinking. Although still painful and still learning to move with just three legs, Luchu was already looking much better.

“We started right away with some physiotherapy, but were delighted when we saw him standing on his three legs and trying to walk that same evening already. The next day he already start walking by himself and by the third day we couldn’t stop him from going outside anymore. That was the moment we thought that he deserved to go home.” reported the team.

Luchu is up and running around much quicker than anyone could have expected!

After arriving in significant pain and with an injury that shocked even our experienced team, Luchu showed incredible strength and character throughout his recovery and won the hearts of the team. Luchu left the clinic an energetic and excited dog, ready to live his now pain-free life on three, strong legs.


While the team where happy about Luchu’s speedy recovery, it was still sad to say goodbye, with the team recalling; “Not only the fast recuperation, but also his character made him the best patient ever!”


Without medical support, Luchu would have remained in pain and the situation would have worsened. Help us continue to be the support that these animals need. Donate today.

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