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Little Damster’s Story

Last Saturday, tiny little Damster decided he was in the mood for some chicken. Upon report by his owner, Damster chased three chicklets and swallowed them one by one. Damster was so quick, his owner was unable to interfere. Damster started feeling the consequences right away. He stopped eating, started vomiting, and felt a lot of pain in his abdomen. His owner rushed him into the clinic.

With a situation such as Damster’s, the vets first had to check if there was an obstruction. No obstruction was found, although he was in pain. Upon arrival at the clinic, he started to have diarrhea. This meant Damster did not need an operation, but rather treatment.

A therapy was started, consisting of antibiotics, anti-emetics, and painkillers. Damster gave us one more scare with a hypoglycemic attack, however after his behavior improved daily. Damster started eating, moving around, and even crying out for attention!!! That was the sign we were looking for to send Damster home to his family.

Hopefully in the future, the owners can keep a better eye on Damster and Damster will think twice before eating strange things (especially alive ones!)

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