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Kira and her customized cast

Kira is a four month old puppy who came into the Darwin Animal Doctors clinic after being hit by a car. The accident had resulted in damage to Kira’s left hind leg with significant swelling on the lower part of the leg, halfway down the tibia. The Doctors were not able to feel for a broken bone as the level of swelling to Kira’s leg made such an examination impossible. The team requested that the family take the pup to the local human x-ray clinic (the only x-ray available on the island) in order to get accurate imagery of her leg. Unfortunately, as the x-ray is not free, the family was not able to do this. The Doctors were faced with a very difficult, but not so unfamiliar situation… They would not have the usual diagnostic tools required to treat such a patient, and would have to do the best they could do with the limited information available to them. So, the team developed a plan. They wrapped and bandaged Kira’s leg, gave the pup pain killers and sent her home with her family with clear instructions to come back five days later, once the swelling had reduced. They also had to ensure that Kira was not active during this intermediary time.

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Kira and her family returned to the clinic as requested, five days later. Her swelling had reduced enough by this stage that the Doctors were able to feel what they suspected to be a fracture in the damaged tibia. So the team knew that Kira would need her leg to be completely immobilized. Kira was sedated and the Doctors carefully build her a customized cast. The four month old pup will have to come back every week for a recheck, and remain in a cast for the next six weeks. The Doctors believe her outlook to be very positive, so check back in with us to see how she’s going!

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