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Kasba’s a Survivor

For those of you who don’t remember, Kasba was first brought to our clinic in October. She had lost her leg in an accident as a puppy, and what was left had gotten infected. Our veterinarians removed the entire limb to prevent pain and future infection. We also spayed her at the same time. She recovered very quickly and was back to running around on her three legs.

This week, Kasba returned to the clinic, this time completely unable to walk. Her remaining hind limb had become hugely swollen overnight from the paw all the way to the hip and she was too painful to even stand up. Upon examination, we found that Kasba had a high fever. We took a sample of fluid from the leg, which showed she had a severe infection.

With only 3 legs left, we had to act quickly save the leg. We did a surgery to remove a large amount of pus, placed a drain, and started Kasba on antibiotics. By the end of the day she was up and walking out of the clinic on her own! We are always happy to see our patients again but not when they are this sick. Stay well, Kasba, and we hope to see you for a healthy check-up soon!


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