Darwin Animal Doctors


Jefe, the machete victim

Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Poor Jefe was brought into the Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos clinic just before closing time one Monday evening. He had a large cut wound through his ear and was almost sliced in two. His family said that it had happened two days earlier, after their neighbor believed Jefe had killed some of his chickens, and took matters into his own hands. The team had never seen a dog attacked by a machete before. It was a horrible sight and everyone was glad Jefe had gotten away before the man with the machete was able to do any more damage.


The tissue of both parts of the ear seemed vital enough, so the Doctors believed there was a good chance for the ear to heal completely with the correct surgical intervention.

“We put Jefe under general anesthesia, clipped the hair, and washed the wound. Then, Dr.Alejo performed some pretty wonderful plastic surgery and sutured the ear back together. Since the owners agreed to sterilize the dog, we managed to do [the procedure] under the same anesthesia as well.”


Jefe recovered well from the surgery and was able to go back home that same afternoon. He will return to the clinic for a check up later in the week and the Doctors hope to see the wound healing nicely.

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