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Ismael’s shelter in Tanzania

February is here! And we’re showing our love for this month by showcasing one of our newest local partners, and the gorgeous animals in Tanzania. Our friend Ismael’s animal shelter in Arusha is the very first animal shelter in mainland Tanzania!

Ismael and one of his rescue puppies
We have been working with Ismael for years now, watching his program grow and inspire the youth of the region.

Ismael's shelter, and some of his volunteers
We can’t wait to help Ismael and our local Arusha teacher friends in making dogs and animal protection  as much of a part of the Arusha community as it is becoming everywhere we operate.

One of Ismael's adorable puppies clinging to his leg

-Tod and Piggy, Presidents, Darwin Animal Doctors

Cute Piggy image of the week:

Piggy snoozing on a Love pillow

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  1. Uli

    Hi everybody, I am fully supporting Ismaels shelter and I am happy he has the will to help the street dogs.
    Anyway the information given in the headline is wrong. Ismael has a small shelter in Arusha, but there is a second, bigger one in Arusha/ USA River. That shelter was founded already a decade ago and they don’t just save street dogs, they also run campaigns to neuter and vaccinate the dogs in the northern tanzanian mainland. Unfortunatly they are so busy with they work that they don’t see posts like this and can’t correct the information given. As their friend and supporter it’s a pleasure to help out.

    Look at their site, they do such an amazing job, just like Ismael!

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