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Hurricane Sandy Animal Safety Tips

HURRICANE SANDY NOTE: To all our readers effected by Hurricane Sandy, our hearts go out to you and we hope that you and your companion animals are all safe and sound. We’d like to pass on some animal safety tips before our regular campaign and event updates today.

Due to Sandy, there are a LOT of downed power lines out there, many hiding among downed trees. Be extra careful when walking your dog, and make sure to stay clear of anything that looks like a downed electrical wire. Of course, keep all your cats and dogs indoors during this emergency, and heed to all prudent pet safety tips for times of crisis. Remember that there are pet-friendly safety shelters for this disaster, and check the Office of Emergency Management’s Hurricane Evacuation Zone Map, and the system will direct pet owners to the appropriate center (NYC residents can also find pet-friendly facilities by calling 311). NEVER leave your companion animals behind!

We hope all of your animals are safe, but if your dog or cat went missing in the storm, check resources on lost Hurricane Sandy pets. If you’re in New York City, remember that it is legal in this evacuation emergency to take your companion animal onto a cab or mass transit. Also, our friends at the Animal Medical Center have informed us that despite earlier flooding yesterday, they are open and operational today to accept all animal emergencies.

May all of you and your families be secure and comfortable during this crisis!

Everyone at Darwin Animal Doctors

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