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Tjarda and I found this dog a couple of weeks ago wandering the streets of Puerto Ayora. He had no fat or muscles left. Walking as a drunk dog he had to stop every 10 meters to sit down, knees first. He just had no energy left to keep himself standing.Tjarda and I took him to “our” clinic (the clinic of Darwin Animal Doctors, which is our home base at the moment).

Clinical exam and blood analyses showed us that Huesos was healthy apart from complete starvation! So we started a special recovery diet.The day after we could already see the results, the dog had more energy and was very willing and interested in its surroundings.

After a week he had gained 1 kg (his weight needs to increase slowly but steady..) and after 2 weeks he was able to walk around the block with us. And that is how we found his owner! (or better: he found his owner).This older woman was in tears when she saw him and told us that he was lost for more than a month! His real name is Rex. :-)

Huessos is happy to be back at his owner and is steady gaining weight.

(Taken from Tjarda Reints Bok and Jochem Lastdrager’s blog, Travelling Animal Doctors)

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