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Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Floripondia was another hit by car case… She came into the clinic in a lot of pain after the accident, with a big wound on the inside of her left back leg, a large cut on her tail and a number of smaller cuts on her hip.

Dr Daphne came to the little pup’s aid immediately, sensing her pain and urgency of treatment. Floripondia was sedated and Dr Daphne set too on reconnecting the puzzle of skin pieces left by the accident. After some time, Dr Daphne had managed to close up each wound and inserted a drain to help excess fluids escape the wound while it heals. Unfortunately, the wound on Floripondia’s tail was so large that there was nothing Dr Daphne could do but amputate the end of the tail in order to save the rest.


Floripondia was able to go home that afternoon with instructions to come back for a recheck in four days. Four days later, when the family returned with Floripondia, her wounds were already looking much better and Dr Daphne was able to remove the drain. The little pup will require some more monitoring over the next days, but is well on her way to recovery.


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