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DAD Earthquake Stories – Aftershock and IFAW Help!

A huge, huge thank you to IFAW for giving us a generous grant to save earthquake victims! And it could not have come at a better time. A huge follow up earthquake shook up Pedernales, and destroyed the already ravaged town. Our vet Cris’ temporary clinic was destroyed in the quake, with most of her medicines rendered useless by the destruction.

earthquake aftermath 1

earthquake aftermath 2

earthquake aftermath 3

outdoor clinic

However, the work doesn’t end just because we get inconvenienced. Patients continue to flood in, and the funds we get from generous donors like you and IFAW have been funding new emergency supplies to tend to the new patients. Patients like this little kitten that was found abandoned in this purse, the owner likely having been separated during the aftershock:


Patients like this poor puppy that we managed to diagnose with distemper:

parvo puppy

snap test

And, of course, a box full of puppies:

earthquake puppies

The patients keep coming in, but thankfully, we can keep treating everyone. At least for now!

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