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DAD Earthquake Relief Update 5/1/16 PM

Update from board vet Jo on the ground in Ecuador, tonight:

“This is a dog we found during a recon mission to one of the villages here in the Manabi area. They had not received any help yet, so we went in with two hummers full of supplies: food, water, construction materials, dog food, etc. The dogs looked skinny, so the people were very happy with receiving our dog food. We checked the dogs, and found this one, which had a large wound on his head. We soaked it and cleaned it properly. There were already some first stage maggots in there that I had to take out. The dog just sat there and let us help him, very patient and sweet. He did not show any signs of aggression. Michelle and I were very happy with the end result.”





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  1. roberta

    just want you to know that i have donated funds to help with the Ecuador earthquake animals

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