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DAD Earthquake Relief Update 4/22/16 AM

Update from our board vet Jo, on the ground in Ecuador, this morning. Conditions are dangerous, and he and Michelle are very brave. Let’s all support him in this very hazardous time:

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“Slowly stories are reaching us and it is bad, and convoys need police protection. Most of the people in the group only go in to drop of supplies and than leave within 2 days due to all the danger. However, my goal so far is to stay 2 weeks, with the human doctors. We are leaving Quito local time. During that time, there is no police escort, but for several reasons we had to go that time. They wanted to go without security, but I don’t, so I hired a security guy that will protect the 5 cars/trucks and will stay for 4 more days in our base camp, which is going be out of town at a friend’s place who has a well, so we can keep collecting water for the relief effort. Now on my way to collect individual items and personal survival stuff like mosquito spray, food, duct tape, lighter, etc”

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