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Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Cosita was brought into the clinic as an emergency case very late one Thursday night as she had begun displaying neurological symptoms; she was stumbling and trembling, and crying out. Dr. Daphne and Sacha were immediately called into the clinic to examine the poor pup.

After examination, Dr. Daphne believed that little Cosita may have been poisoned. She was not able to walk, falling with every step, and was constantly crying out. The Doctors put Cosita on an IV line, and gave her medication to help the symptoms, and another to help her relax and sleep. The little pup slept, but only for about half an hour before waking up and beginning to wail once again. Dr. Daphne knew that looking after Cosita would be an all-night event and explained this to the other volunteers. Lena, Blake and Alison were not swayed and wanted to do anything to help Cosita.

In the end, Dr. Daphne and Sacha stayed in the clinic to sleep as near as possible to the little pup. Every time that Cosita would wake and cry out (which was almost every half hour), Dr. Daphne would go to her to comfort her until she would sleep again. From 6am onwards the next morning, Sacha stayed with Cosita ensuring that she felt comforted and loved. The attention was enough to keep the scared pup calm, and allow her the rest she would need to get better, and for the medication to take its effect.


Cosita had improved throughout the night, and continued to improve that day. From 7:30am, each volunteer would take shifts staying with and comforting Cosita. By the end of the day, the little pup was well enough to be able to go home. After a long day and a long night, the team were exhausted, but relieved that they were able to save Cosita’s life.

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